Canadian Sport Compact Series – Cayuga – July 2014 – Photo Coverage

I spent last Sunday at Cayuga Raceway shooting photos, as usual, with the intention of bringing you images of a variety of quality show & track car builds. This was the third event of the CSCS season, at Toronto Motorsports Park, aka Cayuga, Ontario, Canada.

CSCS Cayuga 2014-9933

And as per usual, these photos are just a taste, & full photo coverage is on my Flickr. (100+ photos)

CSCS Cayuga 2014-9497

CSCS Cayuga 2014-9787

CSCS Cayuga 2014-9895

CSCS Cayuga 2014-9360

CSCS Cayuga 2014-9370

CSCS Cayuga 2014-9329

CSCS Cayuga 2014-9736

CSCS Cayuga 2014-9565

CSCS Cayuga 2014-9582

CSCS Cayuga 2014-9531

CSCS Cayuga 2014-9536

CSCS Cayuga 2014-9539

CSCS Cayuga 2014-9552

CSCS Cayuga 2014-9639

CSCS Cayuga 2014-9621

CSCS Cayuga 2014-9627

I was not able to stay all day to watch the finals, but here are the drifting finalists.

CSCS Cayuga 2014-9847

CSCS Cayuga 2014-9857

CSCS Cayuga 2014-9852

CSCS Cayuga 2014-9866

Thanks for looking!

Full Coverage

CSCS Cayuga 2014-9947

CSCS Cayuga 2014-9793

CSCS Cayuga 2014-9748

Photography by Gray Schilling

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