Variety – CSCS – Season Closer

Photos by Gray Schilling and Kurt Albert. Words by Gray Schilling.

The Canadian Sport Compact Series events always bring out a nice variety of automobiles.

 Some are purpose-built time attack machines, others drive home after hitting the track. Some are drift cars, some are drag cars, and others are 90% self-fabricated. Some are show cars with fully custom interiors and air suspension, while others are mostly factory. There’s Honda powered Toyotas, and Datsuns. Chevy powered BMWs, and Nissans. Some are subtle, with a respectable set of wheels with a tasteful drop, while others boast body panels from more than one manufacturer..

CSCS Final Round 2014

And that’s the beauty of these events, they bring us all together. These days we get far too caught up in what’s cool or un-cool, and we forget why we play with cars and go to these events in the first place. Whether you’re a pure motorsports guy, or a camber junky, we all come out to have a good time.

CSCS Final Round 2014

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