Canadian International AutoShow 2015

Every February the Metro Toronto Convention Center is filled with hundreds of cars. Most brand new, some older, but all attract snowed in car enthusiasts and the like from all around. This event is a breath of hopeful air that leads us to believe there will come a day when snow and salt don’t fill the roadways.

CIAS 2015

With an event like the Canadian International AutoShow, it’s difficult to stand out photographically. There are hundreds if not thousands of people taking photos of the same cars, with the same lighting, from many of the same angles.

So this year I decided to approach the AutoShow slightly differently. Instead of taking bags full of equipment or carrying multiple setups for different shots, I opted to travel light: using only a 35mm equivalent sensor DSLR and a 50 millimetre prime lens.

Over 40 cars made their Canadian debuts as well as a fair number of concept car premiers. Below are our photographic highlights.

CIAS 2015

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Art and The Automobile – At CIAS 2015

Being such a big event, I’ve split the Canadian International AutoShow into multiple posts. This is the first.

Currently, somewhere on the 700 level of the Metro Toronto Convention Center, there’s a dark room filled with serious old-school metal work.  Curves, lines and styling that today’s cars have long forgotten about fill this room and the adjacent hallway. This collection of vintage machinery is called:

 Art & The Automobile

The E-Type

CIAS 2015

CIAS 2nds-8633

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